Friday October 18th DAY 1

Games club:  The diplomacy moves can be handed in tomorrow at lunch hour in room 302.

Members of the Dominican Republic Team are asked to come to the Chaplaincy Office for a brief meeting after announcements today.  

The junior girls lost a tough match last night 40-20 against Opeongo.  They were able to take advantage of second chance points and put on a tough press.  We will regroup as we head to Kingston for a big tournament this weekend. Please excuse the girls at 10:30 today for departure.

The senior girls also lost a tough match to Opeongo last night. The Senior team will be traveling to Kingston today to compete in a tournament. Please excuse the girls at 8:30am.

Students who have paid their Student Activity Fee can see Miss Yutronkie to pick up their Student Card in the Office.  Also, any students who had ordered School Photos online can also pick up their photos in Miss Yutronkie’s Office.  

There will be a brief meeting for the Grade 8 Cross country team immediately following announcements in room 113.

The next two Varsity Boys Hockey Tryouts will take place on Monday, October 21 from 3 – 4:30 and Tuesday, October 22 from 3 – 4. Please let a coach know if you are unable to attend.

Will the following students please see Mr O’Connor in the Study Hall immediately after announcements this morning; Abby Lavigne, Brady Charbonneau, Marcel Baron, Shaymus Coyne, Jade Meagher, Darwyn Timm, Esther Narraway, and Sakura Lavallie.

Come to the spirit spot at lunch to buy your jack-o-gram.  Another fundraiser for CPAN!

And thanks again to everyone who supported the Chili Cook-Off by bringing in a pot of chili or coming out and tasting them.   First place went to Mr. Lennox, second place to Jesse Huot and 3rd place to Mme Schneider.  

Jazz Band is reminded to turn in their fundraising tickets today as the draw begins tomorrow.

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