Monday, October 21, 2019 DAY 2

A reminder of the Varsity Boys Hockey tryout tonight at Ma-te-way from 3 – 4:20 pm. Also, our third tryout is tomorrow from 3 – 4 pm. Late taxis are available.

A Reminder for all Students – please ensure that you are completing and submitting all major assessments to your teachers by their arranged deadlines.  If you are having difficulty meeting these deadlines, please take advantage of the opportunities in the Study Hall, advocate for yourself with your teaches and develop a strategy, or come to 113 and ask Mr O’Connor to speak with your teachers for you.  Report card season is fast approaching, so having all major assessments turned in will allow your teachers to accurately evaluate your midterm progress.

Will the following students please see Mr O’Connor in the Study Hall immediately after announcements this morning; Ethan Kenopic, Kaitlyn Dupuis, Spencer Hoffman, Jayden O’Brien, Stephanie Laroque, Rylie Moore, Sarah Mayotte, and Mackenzie Earle.

There will be a cross country practice today after school. Please meet in the town square. Could Kolton Osipenko please bring his jersey to Mr. Halk sometime today.

The junior girls travelled to Kingston this weekend and faced some very good teams.  They played St. Marys, RND and La Salle. They left the tourney with a lot of experience and very tired legs.  Great job girls. No practice tonight.

The Senior girls basketball team also traveled to Kingston this weekend to play in a tournament. The girls faced some strong competitors and were able to develop their skills which will be essential in their game against Bishop Smith tomorrow. No practice tonight; rest up for our home game tomorrow after school. 

The Improv team practice is cancelled after school today. We will meet at lunch today in Room 322 for a very important meeting.

In Boys Volleyball News:

1] Grade 8 practice today at lunch.

2] After their long and hard fought match Thursday night, the Senior Boys were off to Ottawa for a two day tournament with lots of competitive action to be seen. The boys played extremely well on Friday earning 2nd spot in their division with a 6 and 2 record. They entered the power pool ranking section and placed 1st in their division by earning a 5 and 1 record. Unfortunately, the boys were becoming exhausted and eventually lost to Franco Cite – a sport specific high school.

Great work to everyone. Practice Tuesday and Wednesday morning before the big match up Thursday in the Jag Den against cross town rivals RCI.

3] The junior jags host Fellowes High School in the Jag Den at 3 pm. Come show your support for another amazing team at St. Joe’s.

Coffee House is scheduled for Thursday, November 21 and signups for volunteers and performers are posted on the Student Lounge windows. Anyone interested in helping out or showcasing their talents is encouraged to sign up.

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