Student Services

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You may have heard that “it takes a whole village to raise a child.”

Student Services is an extension of that philosophy, and whether you’re entering St. Joseph’s for the first time, or graduating in June, we’re here to make things move as smoothly as possible for you. It’s our goal to facilitate the success of our students, not just academically, but with guidance, co-op placements, and social service support as well.

St. Joseph’s is a community, and you’re a big part of it. And we want you to experience the full-range of satisfaction that comes from being part of a large, caring family.

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We look forward to seeing you!


Student Voice is about hearing from students from grade 7 – 12 and supporting their active engagement in school by:

  • listening to their ideas and opinions about how they learn and what helps them learn,
  • providing an environment where students can participate in decisions impacting their educational experiences, and
  • providing resources for student projects that lead to higher student engagement at school.

For application forms and more information, please visit  SPEAK UP


  • Potential Community Service Placements:  HERE
  • Community Service Hours:  HERE


  • E-Learning Ontario:  HERE

As well, the Ontario Educational Resource Bank is available for students and parents to access.  Just hit the link below for the coordinates to the OERB.