Literacy Test

SJHS is committed to improving and supporting literacy throughout our school community using a cross-curricular approach.  As such, the staff at SJHS takes a collaborative approach to improving student’s literacy skills and ensuring all learning styles are recognized and addressed in every class.

Each year, our team develops workshops and strategies to support students who will be writing the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).  The OSSLT is a graduation requirement and this year, it will be written on March 31st, 2016.  The students will receive their results in late June.  This test is written by all grade 10 students, as well as senior students who have not yet completed this requirement.

To date, our grade 10 students have had two mornings of workshops that have focused specifically on the skills for which they will be tested.  After those two sessions,  our team assessed their work, and each student received an analysis based on their responses.  This analysis is an indicator of individual strengths and areas for improvement.  Our Student Success teacher, Ms. Whalen, met with all of the students to explain their results .

On Tuesdays , starting the second week of February 2016, workshops will be offered during the lunch hour.  Sign up sheets will be posted on the library windows and students are expected to be self-directed in their participation.

Each student writing the OSSLT this year will be given an opportunity to write a practice test  prior to March test date.  All accommodations listed in individual IEP’s will be provided for applicable students.

An example of the individualized report that each applicable student has already received is pictured below:

Literacy Letter


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