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Mindful of our rich heritage and of our proud tradition, St. Joseph’s High School seeks to provide excellence in education within a framework of a Catholic Christian environment.

This environment fosters the whole child, and, while academics remain important, we truly believe in the enhancement of the spiritual, moral, and emotional well-being of those belonging to our community.

This is consistent with the precepts and foundations of our faith, and forms the basis upon which we choose to be defined.  We are called to be nothing less.  It is who we are, and who we wish to remain. Family and community are important, and that’s why we feel it to be so necessary to make positive contributions to both.  Everyone needs to feel welcomed, and everyone needs to know that they possess dignity and value in abundance.  We believe in an environment where it’s self-evident that people care for one another.

We, of course, offer a full-range of opportunities, both learning and extra-curricular, and are recognized as being among the leaders in both.  What we do, we do well, and are blessed with a staff that brings forward a high degree of energy and quality to their roles in leadership and mentoring. We’d be delighted to have you join us, and it’s hoped that, through this site, you can remain connected to what’s happening here, so that you, too, may feel the bond of our community, regardless of distance. We welcome you!